Read testimonials from other professionals about working with Barbara Oldershaw:

Barbara delivers a diverse skill set that includes strategic planning, community outreach and database management – along with amazing attention to details and the multi-dimensional awareness to keep many plates spinning at the same time. She keeps the business moving forward in unison, and ensures that opportunities for growth and collaboration are pursued.”     

Steffen Kuehr, Founder/CEO, TekTailor, Inc.


“Barbara excelled at anticipating next steps and communicating effectively with the many stakeholders in this building renovation project. Her ability to keep everyone informed, organized, enthused, and on task was crucial to the success of the project, and definitely made my job easier and more enjoyable. “

- Tim Honea: Licensed General Contractor

“Barbara is incredibly organized and helps others to be organized as well. She handles multitudes of details and multitudes of people with grace, calm and effectiveness. She thoroughly plans ahead, while also responding quickly and decisively to inevitable last minute changes. Not only that, she’s great at developing systems that streamline processes. I always know I’m in good hands with Barbara.”

- Miriam Abrams: Organizational Consultant, Miriam Abrams & Associates

“Barbara has been an active and knowledgeable participant in our classes for the Green Building Professional Certificate Program.  She has a solid understanding of and commitment to issues of sustainability. She will be well-positioned to support others in obtaining their sustainability goals.”

- Alex Hinds, Interim Director for the Center for Sustainable Communities
at Sonoma State University in California; Co-Lead Instructor
for the Green Building Professional Certificate Program

“Barbara’s commitment to the process and thorough preparation made it easy to work with her under tight deadlines without compromising the quality of her work. She was great!”

- B. Cole: Consultant, Seven Generations Consulting

“As a leader, when I’m working on highly visible, high stakes projects, I have to have unshakable confidence in the people to whom I turn to help me get things done.  I turn to Barbara time and time again because she consistently exceeds my expectations.”

- Lawrence Ellis: Founder & President, Paths to Change Organizational Consulting

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